EPSU Social Services Brochure

EPSU Social Services Brochure, September 2015/January 2016

The EPSU Secretariat has compiled a document on EPSU’s recent achievements and ongoing work within the social service sector. We have made the brochure available in nine languages, namely EN, FR, DE, CZ, ES, IT, RU, SR and SV.

EPSU's thematic priorities in the sector are elderly care, child care and care for persons with disabilities.

As regards social services, EPSU is actively lobbying European policy, especially in the fields of social investment, trade, working time, the quality of care and in particular the quality of jobs and employment.

EPSU is involved in initiatives exploring the interest, capacities and scope for extending structures of social dialogue to the whole sector of social services, including the not-for profit/social economy sector.

Have a look into the brochure - we hope you enjoy the reading!