EPSU signs a European agreement reinforcing gender equality at work with SUEZ

Signature of Gender Equality Agreement renewal - SUEZ, September 2019

(16 September 2019) EPSU, together with IndustriAll Europe and the unions represented in the company, and Bertrand CAMUS, CEO of SUEZ signed the renewal of the agreement on gender equality at work. In line with the provisions of this agreement, SUEZ will adapt all of its business sites to make them accessible to both women and men. The agreement also provides for the implementation of actions for the eradication of stereotypes and zero tolerance for sexual harassment. This agreement will apply to all European subsidiaries. Beyond this scope, the Group will encourage entities to voluntarily apply the principles of this agreement.

3 types of commitments:

1. Strengthening the policy for gender equality across jobs: the aim is to facilitate the feminisation of the operational professions and the masculinization of women-dominated professions. For this purpose, both premises and protective equipment must be adapted.

2. Zero tolerance for sexual harassment: strengthening of the fight against sexual harassment and sexism with the implementation of a targeted policy, such as alert procedures, a victim protection system, sensitization and training for managers, a help line and the implementation of actions against everyday sexism.

3. Supporting equal share of parenting: Fighting prejudices related to taking paternity / parental leave; encourage flexible time slots and the use of teleworking to promote work / life balance.

Concrete targets:

SUEZ commits to achieve the various objectives and proposes to continue the feminization effort to reach an overall rate of 25%, to reach 33% of female executives on permanent contracts by 2023, to map the number of employees between the operational, administrative and management  areas and to promote equal pay. The agreement will expire in December 2023.

"We welcome the renewal of this agreement as it goes in the right direction. It defines clear values, sets targets and concrete measures to achieve them. No matter the type of job within the company, driving a truck, working in the administration or being in the management, gender equality must be ensured",  Jan Willem GOUDRIAAN, EPSU Secretary General.

"I am happy to sign this European agreement. Equality between women and men at work  and in all its dimensions, especially at SUEZ, is a theme that is particularly close to my heart. This new agreement shows significant progress that is part of a broader dynamic of gender balance and not just in the feminisation of the workforce. In addition, SUEZ has just obtained an overall score of 84 out of 100 on the index of professional equality, placing the Group in the best companies in the sector. We also want to give this agreement an extra-European dimension by making it shine in all of the Group's subsidiaries. Says Bertrand CAMUS, CEO of SUEZ

  • Signature of Gender Equality Agreement renewal - SUEZ, September 2019