EPSU signed European agreement on Health and Safety in Suez Environment

(30 June 2014) On 12 June 2014 the newly reached European Framework agreement on Health and Safety for Suez Environment has been signed by EPSU General Secretary Jan Willem Goudriaan. The agreement follows from the split of multi-utility GDF-Suez into an Energy services company (still GDF-Suez) and an Environmental services company (water and waste services): Suez Environment. As a consequence the transposition of the existing GdF-Suez agreements to Suez Environment was needed. Three rounds of negotiations have led to an agreement that we hope will give the best conditions and standards for workers to protect and ensure their occupational health and safety. This agreement is in accordance with Suez Environment’s values of drive, commitment, daring and cohesion and with its goal of environmental efficiency, promotion of green growth and commitment to sustainable development. The agreement reflects the group’s determination to improve the Health & Safety of its employees. It aims, beyond simple compliance with its legal obligations, to fulfill its responsibilities towards the various stakeholders in the countries where the Group is present. The agreement is available in all languages of countries in Europe where Suez is active. The French version is the original. (attached final draft version in French, English, German, Spanish, Finnish, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Swedish, Czech)