EPSU sends solidarity to British trade unions on eve of the Public sector strike

(29 November 2011) The European Federation of Public Service Unions (EPSU) sends solidarity and greetings to its British affiliates for tomorrow’s strike action.

EPSU has called for a European coordinated day of action. In Britain, unions will organize the biggest strike since 1926, in Portugal, after the most successful General Strike since the dictatorship, trade unions will demonstrate as the members of parliament will be voting austerity, in France unions have organized a national day of action with rallies and demonstrations up and down the country.The day after the Greek trade unions will hold its(their) 15th General Strike since the beginning of the crisis. In Belgium trade unions will be protesting outside the Greek embassy in solidarity on 30 November and organise a national mass demonstration 2 days later. In Bulgaria, there will be a national demonstration on 30 November. In Italy, there will be a week of mobilization with a mass water demo on Saturday 26 November as well as a picket outside the EU office in Rome and a further demonstration on Saturday 3 December.

Europe is on the move and there is no doubt that many trade unions in Europe and across the planet look at your action as a source of inspiration for their struggle. Our American sisters and brothers of National Nurses United picketing outside British embassies and consulates.

This joint day of European action is a first step. We need to continue our mobilization and put pressure on European and national political leaders. We want a different policy, a policy that underpins our social welfare states rather than undermining them.

EPSU wishes you all the success in this action.