EPSU sends further solidarity greetings to Portuguese nurses

(20 November 2014) {{EPSU sends greetings to the Portuguese nurses involved in the latest strike action called by the SEP trade union. The action tomorrow (21 November) follows a very well supported strike on 14 November, part of a long-running campaign by the union dating back to September (see [EPSU message of support in September 2014->http://www.epsu.org/a/10776]).}} EPSU congratulates the union not only on being able to mobilise very high levels of support for the action but also doing so in the face of attempts by the government to undermine the union and question the professionalism and commitment of the nurses. Earlier this week health workers in Madrid protested over the impact of austerity measures on staff, hospitals and pay and next week UK unions will take industrial action to demand a fair wage increase. Public service workers across Europe want an end to the austerity measures imposed upon them to deal with a crisis they did not cause. And as the #Luxleaks scandal revealed, money is there but governments are allowing, and even helping corporations and the rich to avoid paying taxes thus robbing public service workers of a pay increase, patients of quality care and our economies of investment. EPSU hopes that SEP wins the dispute and secures the pay increases and jobs that are needed to improve the quality of services and as a step towards ending the austerity that has blighted Portuguese healthcare in recent years.