EPSU sends another solidarity message to Greek public sector workers

The European Federation of Public Services Unions (EPSU) sends yet again a message of warn solidarity to our Greek affiliates protesting against unfair Government policies. Today in Greece a mass demonstration took place in the second Public sector General Strike of 2011. Our Greek affiliate ADEDY will strike for 24 hours to continue to express its opposition to the Government memorandum and all anti-workers measures that have been proposed. The current rumors about Greek default and the lack of an alternative plan are making this protest massive. The Government’s plans, supported by the EU and the IMF, impose cuts on the incomes, the pensions, the insurance rights and they want to downgrade the public services and the public goods. They want to turn over the labour relations, abolish the collective agreements, the plans would mean the merge or cut out public service units. ADEDY is demanding the right to employment with decent pays, social security, permanent labour relations and the right to the better life. Again EPSU wants to send a fraternal message of solidarity to those struggling to defend public services and the future of our communities. In that regard an EPSU delegation is marching with protesters in Athens to show solidarity. Tomorrow hundreds of prison officers will be meeting in Athens to discuss the situation in Europe's prisons. This is the 10th national mobilisation that has taken place in Greece since the beginning of the crisis. ADEDY said in its statement "These neoliberal and barbarous policies, which are driving workers and society into poverty for the benefit of creditors and bankers, are taking us back to the last century.They must not pass!" We support this call.