EPSU sceptical about Commission's Green paper on Public-Private Partnership

The European Commission has published on 4 May 2004 its Green paper on applying Community law to Public-Private Partnerships.
The aim of the Green paper is to "open a wide debate allowing to determine whether a EU intervention is necessary to ensure better access for economic operators within the Member States to the various forms of Public-Private Partnerships, within a frame of legal clarity and effective competition". However EPSU questions whether the wide debate will be a genuine and representative consultation of European social actors. The results of the recent Commission consultation on Services of General Interest fell far short of acceptable levels even by basic empirical standards. Therefore while playing its usual democratically accountable role, EPSU calls on the Commission to take account of the representativity, transparency and democratic nature of the organisations making submissions.
On the content of the consultation, EPSU will strongly urge the Commission to take account of the systemic weaknesses which are becoming increasingly prevalent in PPP's.
The European Commission invites comments form interested parties by 30 July 2004.
Link to the Green Paper