EPSU Public Utilities Committee meets and elects new leadership

(17 October 2014) The 41st Standing Committee of the Public Utilities committee that met in Brussels on 30th September saw the election of Jan Ruden (SEKO, Sweden) as President, Thomas Kattnig (GdG-KMSfB, Austria) and Matthew Lay (UNISON, UK) as the 2 Vice-Presidents.

There were many issues debated as this was the first meeting after the EPSU Congress but without a doubt the main two issues in the agenda where the upcoming climate negotiations in Paris, in December 2015 and the follow up of the first ever European Citizens Initiative on the Human Right to water.

Another relevant issues for the sector and for public sector workers across Europe was the joint position on the Commission's proposal for a Quality Framework for Traineeships. This is a big issue in the utilities sector as there is an ageing workforce.

Last but not least, the issue of circular economy was also in the agenda, an issue that is becoming more and more important in the European debate.

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