EPSU protests arrests of health workers Maltepe University Hospital Istanbul

Maltepe Hosp WEB
(26 February 2015) The police brutally removed protesting workers from the offices of the Maltepe University Hospital in Istanbul Wednesday 25th February. The workers are protesting the dismissal of 98 workers after these workers joined EPSU affiliate Dev Sağlık-İş - the health union of the progressive labour confederation, DISK. They demanded better pay and conditions which had been discussed for several years. The unionists were dismissed 6 December 2014. The workers have established a permanent tent camp in front of the hospital since December and demand the re-instatement of their colleagues.

The police intervention left two people injured and 34 people arrested including Arzu Çerkezoğlu, DISK Secretary General and the union leader. EPSU and PSI have sent protest letters. The workers have now been released and organised a defiant rally.

The LabourStart campaign, launched in January by PSI, EPSU and DISK calling for the re-instatement of these workers has already collected more than 10,000 signatures. PLEASE SIGN TO SHOW SUPPORT

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