EPSU Programme of Action and Affiliates Resolutions

10th EPSU Congress June 2019 Dublin Youth Network members

(1st July 2019) The EPSU programme of action has been adopted at the 10th EPSU Congress, 4-7 June 2019, Dublin; it highlights the main priorities for EPSU over the next Congress period and is set out on the basis of three main themes:

  1. Future of public services
  2. Future of work in public services
  3. Future of public service trade unions

These three elements form the basis of EPSU's contribution to building a Europe where people and the environment are free from exploitation and welfare for all comes first. Our vision of work and society is shaped by our shared values. These highlight the need to protect and promote democracy, peace and civil, economic, social and cultural rights and to uphold the right for everyone to have access to quality public services to guarantee their fundamental rights and well-being.

This programme of action will provide the basis for work developed in EPSU’s different committees and working groups, covering health and social services, local and regional government (including firefighters), utilities (including company and European works council policy), central governments and EU administration (including prison services), women and gender equality and young workers.

You will also find in this document the resolutions submitted by our affiliated unions and adopted at Congress.  A brochure will be available in September.