EPSU President in Ukraine

EPSU President Mette Nord in Ukraine

EPSU President, Mette Nord with Roman Balukh, chairman of Liviv Regional organization of state employees of Ukraine

(16 May 2024) President of EPSU, Mette Nord, was in Lviv in Ukraine and had meetings with Roman Balukh, chairman of Lviv Regional organization of state employees of Ukraine. They talked about the challenges the union and workers faced in safeguarding members' trade union rights, while the war is raging.

Mette was part of a delegation with several Norwegian trade union leaders to Ukraine. The unions delivered cars, equipment and humanitarian aid to the Ukrainian organisation and authorities. The occasion was used for a cooperation agreement between the Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions (LO) and the Ukrainian trade union movement.

Mette’s visit was disturbed by air-raid alarms as Russian rockets came in and air defence worked. The delegation and Ukrainian people had to take shelter.

She stated: The most important thing now is to help Ukraine win this war. But as soon as the war is over, we must ensure that the trade union movement can be an important part of the reconstruction of the country. Cooperation between employers, workers and the unions, and authorities is crucial if it is to succeed, Mette Nord added.

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