EPSU President and Vice-Presidents prepare Executive Committee

EPSU President, Vice Presidents, General Secretary and Deputy General Secretary support climate actions 20 September 2019, Oslo

(26 September 2019) As hundred thousands of students and workers joined climate protests in Europe and across the world in the start of a week of climate action, the EPSU leadership expressed its support. We are convinced that with ambitious goals and bold and concrete measures that should include public investments in renewables, energy efficiency measures and just transition, the objectives of the Paris Agreement can be achieved.

The leadership of EPSU considered the agenda of the next Executive Committee. We looked at the recent nominations for Commissioners and their mission statements. We covered Brexit and latest information. The ETUC Executive Committee agenda was considered including the priorities and the text for a collective bargaining and minimum wage policy in reaction to the EU Commission’s forthcoming proposal on Minimum Wages. Finance, the Court case, affiliation requests and the EPSU work programme passed the review.

We were briefed on the work that is being done by Fagforbundet and other unions to address climate change. Projects that involved members and their knowledge to reduce waste and Co2 emissions and improve energy efficiency were very promising. With the new progressive coalitions in the municipalities following the elections there will be more scope for such initiatives.

The meeting took place on 20 September 2019 in Oslo.

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