EPSU position - Critique of the internal market and options for the future

The EPSU position summarises the study and draws our conclusions from it. The position also outlines a number of measures that are needed:

- Derogations should be possible regarding the opening of the market for domestic users and regarding the internal market itself in case of democratic decisions for an alternative approach

- No ownership unbundling

- Amendments to the directives to ensure that sufficient and well-trained staff are available. Investments need to be made in training and Research and Development

- Further steps need to be rigorously analysed if they contribute to:

- More democratic control

- Strengthened protection of users and public service obligations

- Employment in the sector and beyond

- Improved Reliability and Security

- Environmental protection

The Standing Committee adopted the EPSU position, 7 October 2005

- EPSU Contribution to the Progress Report on the Internal Market for Electricity and Gas - State of Play - Steps for the Future, contributing to the Lisbon Strategy, putting quality, reliability and security centre-stage, or how to bolster economic growth and competitiveness (Adopted by the EPSU Standing Committee on Public Utilities 7 October 2005)