EPSU to Orpea: drop the case against our union comrade and clean up your act!

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(23 February 2022) EPSU sends solidarity to Orpea workers in their fight for trade union and workers’ rights.

European unions representing workers in Orpea called for the withdrawal of a legal case against the Chair of Orpea German subsidiary Residenz-Gruppe’s works council and of the European Works Council (EWC). Residenz-Gruppe have been engaged in a sustained campaign to dismiss our colleague for standing up for quality care for residents and for respect of workers’ rights.

The latest court case, expected to commence on 23 February, is a clear example of Orpea’s attitude towards workers and residents. The company has been under fire since a book – Les fossoyeurs by Victor Castanet – exposed the consequences of the company’s for-profit model, making headline news in France and further afield. The book showed a system of harassing French trade union representatives – just as our colleagues are experiencing. The findings underline how the company cut corners making profits at the expense of quality care.

This is not Residenz-Gruppe’s first court case against our colleague. They have already lost court cases in their union-busting campaign, and we have long called for the company to drop its case against our colleague. Instead of dropping its case and engaging with workers’ representatives and trade unions, management persists in harassing our colleagues. Now is time for the company to focus on cleaning up its act, delivering quality care for its residents and working with unions to address staff shortages and provide decent pay and conditions.

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