EPSU meet EDF trade union coordination-group about hydro-power concessions in Brussels

(21 January 2016) The economic situation of EDF is not good. On top the European Commission has lodged a complaint against the French government against the awarding of hydro-power concessions to the company. The French trade union coordination group met to discuss this with the European Federations. A consequence of the 2014 concession directive is that Member States have to consider their hydro-power concessions and how these are awarded. The complaint of the European Commission might have a major impact on EDF and the workforce in this branch of EDF. This happens in a context in which the French state-controlled power utility is already experiencing a difficult economic situation. It was forced to acquire a majority stake in the nuclear reactor-making unit of Areva. This was part of a broader plan to rescue the nuclear supplier. It added to a series of bad news for the company. This included the nationalisation of EDF assets in Poland and Hungary. Areva carries with it an unsolved dispute in Finland about nuclear reactor construction. This could result in major billion Euro claims that would have bankrupted Areva. This downturn for the company is leading to massive consequences in terms of employment in the short term. EPSU is very concerned about the situation in EDF. We will show our solidarity with the EDF workers and their trade unions. Together with our sister Federation IndustriAll, EPSU will support them at European level in their struggle to maintain public ownership, protect jobs and guarantees for the people. The meeting took place January 20, 2016 in Brussels. For EPSU Jan Willem Goudriaan, General Secretary and Guillaume Durivaux, policy officer took part. It was hosted by Industriall's Sylvain Lefebvre, Deputy General Secretary