EPSU leadership supporting Ukrainian workers

EPSU President and Vice President meeting 7 February 2020, Oslo

(10 February 2020) The leadership of EPSU discussed the results of the ETUC Executive Committee regarding the first phase consultation on fair minimum wages. The ETUC will start the consultation process and EPSU will consult the affiliates and Members of the EPSU Executive Committee. It will be important to prepare well for the 2nd phase consultation. No Commission proposals will be acceptable that exclude public sector workers or that would impose a bargaining system on employers and unions that do not want this. It will be on the agenda of the Executive.

The main discussion was on the preparation for the next EPSU Executive Committee in April. We looked at the green deal and just transition which are the leading themes in the European Commission working programme. Other issues will include the Western Balkan Strategy, the Pillar, the Conference on the Future of the EU. The results of the inter-sectoral negotiations on digitalisation are expected to have come to a result. The 2019 annual report of activities, the final finance report 2019 and the updated 2020 will make the agenda complete.

The EPSU leadership discussed with our Ukrainian colleagues the situation. The government party is intend on reducing the power of the unions, on making the labour market more flexible with weaker rights for workers. Crucial weeks are ahead with the unions continuing to mobilise.

The meeting took place in Oslo, 7 February 2020. President Mette Nord, Vice-Presidents Francoise Geng and Thomas Kattnig, the General Secretary and Deputy participated. Nicolleta Grieco and Valeriy Matov joined the meeting.