EPSU joins over 50 organisations calling on the Commission to protect digital democracy in the European elections

Digital AI

(24 August 2023) Manipulation of social media platforms is a big risk in elections such as the European one in June 2024. EPSU joined a group of organisations demanding that the European Commission enforces the new Digital Services Act. The DSA requires companies to publish detailed plans of how they will deal with disinformation and other risks during 2024 elections.  

These rules mean that the social media giants have to:
     1. Fix their toxic recommender systems
     2. Ensure robust content moderation in all EU langs
     3. Radically increase transparency
     4. Stop using people's data to profile and target them for political ads
And more.

For the full checklist read the letter Safeguarding Europe’s 2024 Elections: a Checklist for Robust Enforcement of the DSA (peoplevsbig.tech)

EPSU joined the coalition of People vs Big Tech calling for Public Digital Infrastructure https://www.epsu.org/article/epsu-joins-european-organisations-launch-civil-society-statement-democratic-digital

Other materials have also been published:
     - ​​​Meta: Still Not DSA-Ready - Eko investigation in collaboration with PvsBT
Fixing Recommender Systems – a briefing for the European Commission