EPSU joins demand to Data Protection Boards to say No to META’s proposal ‘Pay or Okay’

Banner No to META’s proposal ‘Pay or Okay’

(16 February 2024) A group of 28 organisations have asked the European Data Protection Board to rule against the request of META for a "Pay or Okay" approach. This approach forces users to either pay a fee of up to € 251.88 per year or agree to be tracked. Many people have no choice and will be forced to accept the exploitation of their data, when confronted with a fee.

Dutch, Norwegian and Hamburg data protection authorities (DPAs) have asked the European Data Protection Board (EDPB) for an opinion. They have been confronted with complaints. The opinion of the EDPB will determine the future of free consent online. If ‘Pay or Okay’ is legitimised for Meta, the approach will spread like a wildfire. It is highly likely that it creates a loophole at the work place as well. It will make privacy a luxury good unavailable for most. The group of organisations want that the Fundamental Right to Data Protection is respected. When ‘pay or okay’ is permitted, data subjects typically lose the ‘genuine or free choice’ to accept or reject the processing of their personal data. This is a cornerstone of the GDPR reform and repeatedly upheld by the CJEU.

The EDPBs opinion will shape the future of data protection and the internet for years to come. We want that the opinion ensures a ‘genuine and free choice’ regarding the processing of our personal data.