EPSU joins in call for transparency in TTIP negotiations – people have the right to know what's at stake

(19 May 2014) EPSU has endorsed a letter sent on 19 May today by 250 civil society organisations and including trade unions to the European Commission.

Greater transparency (*) regarding what is being negotiated is one of EPSU’s key demands for TTIP - and other current trade talks such as EU Canada (CETA) and the plurilateral trade in services agreement (TiSA).

- For the letter sent today to the European Commission

(*) The groups signing request access in particular to the following documents:

a) The text of the EU mandate;

b) The text of the EU’s positions on regulatory cooperation, ISDS, the chemical sector, food safety, sustainable development and energy as disclosed to the Government of the United States;

c) Any other reports or papers provided to the US by the EU on the topics identified above in b);

d) Any reports or papers provided to EU Member States and the European Parliament on the topics identified in b) above.