EPSU joins call for enforcement of digital rules for Big Tech

Call for Strict Enforcement of the Digital Markets Act

(8 march 2024 ) The EU Digital Markets Act (DMA) came into effect 7 March 2024. Its aim is to limit abuse of market power of the big tech companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Bytedance (tiktok). These companies will resist this. We can expect them to exploit loopholes and bend the rules in their favour. This means the regulatory authorities will have to be well resourced with qualified staff to undertake this new role. Alas as we see time and again, the public authorities do not reinforce the regulatory agencies, building in weak enforcement at the expenses of workers and our communities and environment.

The European Commission has currently only employed around 80 out of an estimated 220 staff that will be needed to enforce the rules. The group of organisations further demands that the Big Tech companies pay a fee to finance this.

EPSU is concerned that without the dedicated staff the European Commission will resort to consultancies and hollow out the strong European public administration that is needed to protect people and planet. 

For more on the demands of the organisations (in German)

For the joint letter in English