EPSU joins 140 organisations condemning blockage of Corporate Due Diligence Directive

Corporate Social Responsibility © Can Stock Photo Mazirama

(29 February 2024) The agreement reached between the European Parliament and Council on the Corporate Social Due Diligence Directive has been blocked by an alliance of governments led by France under Macron and with tacit support of Germany and Italy. Last minute compromises of the Belgian Presidency were rejected. Those governments succumbed under pressure of business lobby’s like BusinessEurope.

The effect is that legislation that would have contributed to more accountability for the way corporations conduct their business including regarding respect for workers’ , trade union, and human rights is defeated. Corporations got the message that they can get away with child labour, trade union repression and more  and that it does not matter if you organise your supply lines in and with countries that use forced labour and so on.

The group of organisations that EPSU joined, continues to demand progress with the legislation. With the European elections now around the corner it is unlikely it will pass before the elections. The platform directive has faced a similar fate and again with France leading.

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