EPSU-HOSPEEM Framework of Actions "Recruitment and Retention"

17 December 2010

Recruitment and Retention - A Framework of Actions


1.1 Access to health care services for all is a fundamental human right. This right forms an essential part of the European Social model. All relevant actors must be committed to the effective functioning of health care services. This implies a multifaceted approach that has to take into account the various challenges different countries are experiencing in terms of health care shortages. These challenges are multiple and complex covering:

1.2 The ageing population which increases the demand for healthcare services and social services coupled with an ageing workforce and difficulties in recruiting and retaining health care workers.

1.3 Given the demanding nature of the work ensuring an optimal working environment is particularly important in the health sector to enable patients to receive high quality care.

1.4 The financial and economic crisis affects the Health Care sectors in different ways in different countries. As applied in some member states, cuts in health care resources are short-sighted measures with detrimental consequences for public health, the availability of health care staff and infrastructures. To maintain and further improve the services, Members States should maintain their autonomy and capacity to plan services and organise resources at local, regional and national level, with a view to securing and building the overall sustainability of healthcare systems.

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