EPSU Firefighters Network: Smart personnel protective equipment

(19 December 2016) Some affiliates from the EPSU Firefighters Network took part at the annual conference of the smart@fireproject on 14 and 15 December to discuss together with procurers and manufacturers two prototypes of firefighters protective equipment. One project was in particular related to the integration of smart elements into personnel protective equipment. The integration of sensors into equipment (vest, gloves, helmet) for measuring gases, temperature, localization, etc. Data transmission and evaluation, however, is still difficult within buildings. What also remains unclear is the question how to avoid contamination by the skin as carcinogenic pollutants penetrate through the vest, which makes it necessary to have washable protective equipment - this was the aim of the second project presented.

The EPSU Firefighters Network will meet again on 28 April in Brussels and continue its discussions on the involvement of workers how to shape personnel protective equipment of the future.