EPSU Firefighters' Network Meeting, 14 May 2007

30 members of the EPSU firefighters' network from 19 European countries met on 14 May in Luxembourg. The main topic for discussion was the finalisation of the EPSU firefighters' Charter. This sets out a series of key demands and aspirations for EPSU firefighters' unions across Europe.

The network also discussed EU and national developments on issues such as civil protection, health ands safety, and life-long learning and skills development.

The network also expressed strong support for EPSU unions in Portugal and Spain organising demonstrations in the next week to improve working conditions and reduce the retirement age of firefighters. These take place on 19 May in Portugal and 24 May in Spain.

A report of the meeting and the firefighters' Charter is available here (for members only).

- short report (for members only)

- meeting documents (for members only)