EPSU Firefighters' Network Meeting, 12-13 July 2006

An EPSU firefighters meeting took place in July in Kingston UK, in cooperation with the UK Fire Brigades Union. Discussion focused on the results of an EPSU firefighters' survey time on working time arrangements (on-call, shift work, retirement age etc) and a number of other issues, including:

- The status of firefighters, including differences between full-time and part-time/voluntary firefighters and changes in job content

- Health and safety issues, including injury and insurance schemes

- Social dialogue/collective bargaining arrangements

- standards for fire services

- Prevention services

Based on discussion, EPSU will update the EPSU firefighters' Charter in the coming months and the report of the meeting, including the working time survey, will be discussed at the next Local and Regional Government Standing Committee in October.

A follow-up firefighters' meeting will be organised in 2007.

- Short report of the meeting (for members only)
- meeting documents (for members only)