EPSU Firefighters Network

Berlin (Ver.di Headquarters) 28 May 2013 09h00-16h00 We are pleased to invite you to EPSU’s next Firefighters’ Network meeting which will take place on May 28, 2013 in Berlin. The meeting will discuss and address following issues: -* The involvement of Social Partners to the European Instruments of European Civil Protection -* The UK Firebrigade Union has compiled a comparative overview on pensions for Firefighters and will present the results based on your contributions to the questionnaire -* An update on the Cross-Sectoral Negotiations of the Working Time Directive and specific matters arising for the firefighting services -* The developments of gender policies for firefighters- and women trade unions networks of Fire-fighters in your countries on the basis of an example in Sweden -* Update on the European Project on Protective Fire-fighting Equipment {{INTERPRETATION}} Interpretation will be requested for English, French, German, passive Swedish and Spanish. {{DEADLINE FOR REGISTRATION}} Please complete the participation form and return it by Monday 30 April 2013 at the latest. - [meeting documents->art9345]