EPSU expresses solidarity with the French workers and calls for support

(21 October 2010) The European Federation of Public Service Unions wants to express its solidarity with the struggle of the French workers to defend their pensions as well as its affiliates in the energy sector that are playing a key role. The workers of our affiliated unions CFDT, CGT, FO, CFTC in the gas, electricity and nuclear sector are engaged in actions to make pressure to the French Government to change its current plans on pensions reforms.

The objective of these actions is to disturb energy production and distribution to force the national economic apparatus to stop.

In past days energy workers together with transport workers alongside public sector workers, teachers and students have been protesting and demonstrating against pensions reforms.

The hope and the balance of forces for a victory of the French working class are on their side. The intransigency of the Sarkozy Government has forced the trade union movement to show their determination to fight for a more just and equal society. Divided we fall together we stand.

We appeal to all our affiliates to send solidarity messages to the French trade union organisations involved in the actions to defend a just and decent pension system.

To send the messages contact us [email protected]

- EPSU press release (EN)

- EPSU solidarity message (FR)

- Solidarity message from our affiliate Abvakabo-FNV:

- Solidarity message from our affiliate CMKOS (Czech Rep.)

- Letter of support from the Trade Union Federation of Municipal and Local Economy Workers in Poland (FZZPGKiT)

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