EPSU expresses solidarity with actions of the Italian public service unions

Firefighters demonstration in Roma 12 December 2019 - EPSU General Secretary speaking

(16 December 2019) The Italian public service unions are organizing a series of actions to put pressure on the Italian government and the employers. The workers and their unions want a new collective agreement, higher pay and better working conditions after years of standstills. Several actions were being organized across Italy. These actions brought workers together in large assemblies and are a step in further mobilisation.  The EPSU General Secretary addressed a large group of workers in Roma and expressed the solidarity of Europe’s public service workers. The action was part of a week of events. All public sector unions (CISL-FP, CGIL-FP, UIL-FPL and UIL-PA, plus unions in security, education and other domains) join.

The General Secretary met with the unions participating in the firefighters network. The firefighters addressed climate change and its impact for firefighters. They took part in an ETUC project on clime change and adaptation. He further attended a meeting with management and the Italian unions (CGIL Filtcem, CISL-FLAEI and UIL-Tec) in the company ENEL. Many important workers’ issues were not addressed as management refused to organise meetings of the EWC. Together with IndustriaLL-E, with EPSU partner in the agreement, we agreed to put the work back on track.

The manifestation took place 12 December 2019, Roma.