EPSU expresses its solidarity with the Italian waste workers on strike

Sciopero Nazionale 8 November 2021

(5 November 2021)  The Italian waste workers will strike against proposals of the employers to force more flexibility and precarious conditions on them on 8 November. It is a national strike and will affect all shifts. There will be protest in all regions. Over 100.000 workers in public and private sector are concerned. 

The collective agreement ended 2 years ago.

Workers are rejecting demands of the employers for: extreme flexibility in the organisation of work through the system of working hours; downsizing of the industrial relations system to deprive workers of representation and participation within the company; precariousness of employment relationships, especially for part-time workers; total elimination of the maximum limit of part-time workers in the company; the linking of the economic part exclusively to inflationary indices and to the dynamics of the economic compensation of the client to the company; failure to recognise the professionalism of plant workers.

The unions demand: A single national and supply chain contract by widening the scope of application to recycling plants; strengthening of industrial relations through a more participatory system for workers; evolution of working conditions to protect the health of operators; development of labour market regulations and continuous training processes; harmonious improvement of staff classification; improvement of contractual articles relating to plant workers; contractual enforceability of the social clause; economic agreement that does not only take into account inflationary percentages and that further develops contractual welfare and the various allowances.

EPSU agrees with the Italian unions. Waste workers have been in the forefront of the pandemic, continuing to work in dangerous circumstances and preventing that our towns and cities would be overflowing with waste causing further sanitary problems. They deserve higher pay and better conditions, not a slap in the face from the employer.

EPSU has sent a letter of solidarity to the unions.