EPSU expresses condolence and solidarity to Swedish people and trade unions after terror attack

7 April 2017 Stockholm attack

(10 April 2017) Four people were killed and many injured as the result of a terror attack in Stockholm, last Friday 7 April 2017. A truck hit pedestrians in the shopping street Drottninggatan, very near to where several Swedish unions have their offices, and close to the Congress center where EPSU had its Congress in 2004.  EPSU sent a message of condolence and of solidarity to our Swedish colleagues. People in Stockholm responded with solidarity by opening their houses to people stranded as trains and urban transport no longer was active. Rescue workers, security and medical staff and so many others worked to take care of those injured and shocked. Sunday 9 April, ten thousands took part in a manifestation to remember those killed and to show that the answer to terror is solidarity and standing up for our values.

That same Sunday saw terror attacks against people in Tanta and Alexandria, Egypt.  EPSU sent a message of sympathy to the Egyptian unions. We condemn this violence. We stand for social justice, peace and democracy .

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