EPSU Executive Committee supports the general strike of FSSHK in health services in Kosovo

General strike of FSSHK in health services in Kosovo 25 November 2021
strike of FSSHK in health services in Kosovo

(25 November 2021) EPSU Executive Committee sent a solidarity letter to the Federation of Health Trade Unions of Kosovo (FSSHK) for their general strike in the public health institutions on 25th November 2021.

FSSHK has been demanding better working conditions in the health sector and a draft law of wages for the public sector for a long time. As a result, the Federation organised a warning strike to participate in the discussions on the draft law and ensure its implementation on the following year’s budget on 8th November 2021. However, the Ministry of Health interrupted the dialogue in response.

EPSU Executive Committee says “We see across Europe many of our affiliates in health and other public services engaging in collective bargaining and social dialogue, the best ways to ensure that workers see improvements to their pay and conditions.” in the solidarity letter.

The strike will be held (25th November 2021) in Kosovo today between 07.00-15.00.

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