EPSU Executive Committee: Stop Violence against women and more on its agenda

EPSU Executive Committee 5-6 November 2019 Luca Visentini ETUC General Secreatary speaking

(14 November 2019) The EPSU Executive Committee fully committed to the actions to Stop the Violence against Women planned for 25 November. The unions will use the occasion to promote the recent International Labour Organization Convention on Violence and Harassment. A series of actions is planned to ask governments to ratify this directive so it becomes active.

The ETUC General Secretary Luca Visentini addressed the general social and economic situation in Europe, the new Commission and Parliament and the priorities of ETUC and the work that is being undertaken to ensure the trade union agenda is followed.

The Executive Committee considered:

  • Court Case of EPSU versus the Commission following its refusal to bring forward to the Council for a decision the agreement on information and consultation rights between the social partners in central government administrations. The General Court did not annul the decision despite recognizing that the Commission made mistakes in the procedure. The Court’s judgement gives the Commission full discretion to judge social partner agreements. We will explore the possible legal arguments.
  • The most recent developments regarding Brexit, the impact on workers and the announced general elections.
  • The follow up to Congress 2019 Dublin and it adopted the overall work programme Fighting for a Future for All: People and Our Planet Before Profits. It agreed the sectoral workprogrammes, the youth activities and the actions of the EPSU Women’s and Gender Equality Committtee. A workgroup is set up to look at the role of the vicepresidents in EPSU.
  • Collective bargaining and minimum wages and established a working group to develop the EPSU positions further
  • Cooperation with Euromil
  • The European semester and the need for public funding for public services and public investment in public infrastructure
  • The midterm budget and adopted the 2020 budget
  • New affiliations and recommended positively on the membership of the Fédération Protection Sociale Travail Emploi (PSTECFDT, France), the National Federation of Independent Prison Service Trade Union (FBVSZOSZ, Hungary), the Federation of Trade Unions of Public administration (Sindlex,  Moldova), public service branch of Konfederacija Sindikatov Slovenije (Pergam, Slovenia), and the first union in Uzbekistan, the  Republican Council of the Health Workers Union of Uzbekistan.

The global situation for public service workers was addressed by General Secretary Rosa Pavanelli who introduced the different policy actions of the Global Union Federation PSI.

The EPSU Executive Committee sent messages of solidarity to the Italian firefighters who lost 3 colleagues. The Italian unions have announced several days of action to mobilise against the lack of attention for their safety by the government. Members of the Executive Committee further sent solidarity greetings to the Latvian health and care workers. They protested that their government is not providing funding to address  pay and conditions despite the promises made to the unions, 7 November. Latvia continues to be faced with lack of staff and lack of funding for basic care.

The next Executive Committee takes place 22-23 April 2020 (Brussels)


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