EPSU Executive Committee stands with French workers against pension reform

letter action

(21 April 2023) The EPSU Executive Committee has expressed its support for French trade unions in their ongoing protests against the French pension reforms. Members of the Executive Committee, representing over eight million public service workers across Europe, sent letters to French President Emmanuel Macron outlining their solidarity with French trade unions and their concern for the protection of workers' rights and social benefits.

The Executive Committee used the letters to highlight the detrimental impact of the pension reform on workers who are unable to remain in the workforce, particularly those in arduous and dangerous occupations. Additionally, the letters criticise the government's lack of urgency in consulting with social partners and its use of the 49.3 procedure to bypass the parliamentary process.

The Executive Committee called on the French government to withdraw the pension reform and engage in meaningful dialogue with the trade unions. The collective support from trade unions across Europe demonstrate the importance of workers' solidarity and international cooperation in defending workers' rights and benefits.

The solidarity action follows President Macron signing the controversial reform into law last Friday following approval by France’s Constitutional Council. France’s inter-union group has vowed that the fight is not over and is calling on workers to take to the streets in protest on 1 May.


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