EPSU Executive approves rules for use of EPSU EWC legal fund

The number of European Works Councils increases also in the EPSU area of work. Many EWCs reach maturity and do no accept that corporations violate information and consultation rights, especially in the case of restructuring, mergers and acquisitions. As part of a strategy to ensure that the multinationals respect their rights, several EWCs have brought their employer to Court and with success as the case of Gas de France and British Airways have demonstrated. The possibilities for EWCs to do so however are different due to existing legal systems. To ensure that EWCs do not have to stand idle in such cases and to assist trade unions with less financial possibilities, EPSU has created a large legal assistance fund. The EPSU Executive Committee adopted the rules for the use of this fund, 22 April 2008. A number of factors will be decisive in judging if a case is eligible. These are amongst others: - The case is to be a clear violation of information and consultation rights; - National union should provide a legal assessment of the case, and unions should agree to support it; - The EWC has to provide a mandate for the case. The rules for the use of the legal fund are available [here->art3765] for affiliated trade unions only. If you are an EWC member, please contact the EPSU EWC Coordinator for your company or your national officer. If you do not know who is the coordinator please contact the EPSU Secretariat.