EPSU European Works Council Coordinators Network

EPSU has established a network of trade union officers, representatives of EWCs and others that deal with EWCs (education, legal experts). These colleagues exchange information about recent developments and formulate policy where appropriate. The network has a protected area at its disposal based on the first class software developed with and for the European Trade Union College. EWC agreements to which EPSU and affiliated unions are party plus subsequent agreements are available on line there. If you are interested and want more information please contact [email protected] - subject: European Works Council.

EPSU European Works Council Coordination Meeting
18 March 2002, Luxembourg

The public sector has been confronted over the years with an aggressive policy to restructure services. This restructuring has often been carried out while keeping companies in public control. But it has led also to contracting-out and privatisation of services. Many core public services such as electricity, refuse collection, water, health and social services are now provided by private companies. Most unions have followed their members and now have (sometime a sizeable) private sector membership.

A further trend has been that these services are provided by transnational companies. Through the Public Services International Research Unit (PSIRU) (www.psiru.org) EPSU has tracked the activities of such companies. Our research has revealed that many of these companies are eligible to establish a European Works Council and in effect in several companies these have been established.

The first meeting on 13 September 2001 discussed two resolutions :

- Establishment of EPSU EWC coordinators network
- Role of EPSU EWC Coordinators

Issues discussed on 18 March 2002 were:
- Role of EWCs in merger & acquisition
- European Company statute.

EPSU has established an electronic conference site on EWCs available at www.conf.etude.org

EPSU European Works Council Coordination Meeting
15 September 2003, Luxembourg

Issues discussed on 15 September were:

- Update on recent developments in EWCs.

- Revision of the EWC Directive

- EPSU Checklist on mergers and acquisitions

- Using the ETUDE network/ First Class System

- Equality

- Corporate Social Responsibility