EPSU European Works Council Coordinators meet

The coordinators took stock of recent developments in companies that have established EWCs or are in the process of setting one up. The list becomes gradually longer as more companies are covered.

The main item of discussion concerned Corporate Social Responsibility and how unions and EWCs should relate to it. Experience of several companies was shared. It was agreed to continue working on this focusing amongst others on implementation, monitoring, verification of not just compliance, but improvement.

The group finalised the merger and acquisition checklist, discussed recent developments regarding the revision of the EWC Directive and started a discussion on outsourcing and how EWCs can handle this. It is linked to restructuring and the EDF agreement on this is an example.

The work programme for the future and based on resolution adopted by Congress:

- Building the network: EPSU coordinators, union trainers, EWC secretaries and EWC members
- Develop materials on European Company and workers involvement
- Continue discussion on Corporate Social Responsibility and possibly guidelines for EWC members
- Work on out-sourcing and restructuring
- Cover more companies that are eligible for an EWC