EPSU, European Social Partners, Eurogas and industriAll Europe share solidarity with Ukraine

joint statement Social Dialogue Gas on Ukraine

(29 April 2022) On 21 March 2022, employers and trade unions of the sectoral social dialogue in the gas sector expressed their solidarity for workers and people in Ukraine in the statement below.

We represent companies and workers in the gas sector, including in Ukraine. We express our condemnation of Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine and demand that all Russian forces leave Ukraine immediately. Ukraine’s territorial integrity and its security must be respected, as well as its political independence as a democratic state. We call on the European Union and the international community to provide support and asylum for the people fleeing the war.

We also express our solidarity with fellow colleagues in gas sector who are working hard to maintain and repair energy networks and let people heat their homes despite terrible hardship. We are deeply concerned about damage to the energy infrastructures and the consequences for the local population.

For social partners, it is crucial now to address the broader impacts on the sector everywhere in Europe. The risk to energy security, exacerbated by the war, presents a huge challenge for citizens, industry and the workforce across Europe. It is urgent to take the necessary measures to move on energy diversification, reducing dependency on Russian imports, while ensuring the security of energy supply and expanding the use of all alternative low carbon energies, including biomethane and clean hydrogen. All necessary measures must be taken to shield workers and households (with special focus on the socioeconomically disadvantaged and vulnerable customers) from energy poverty.

Social partners have a large stake in this and must be included in all discussions about the future of the sector.

Find below the full text of the joint solidarity statement in English, French and German.