EPSU European Health Conference

18-19 October 2011 7D, Vitan Barzesti Street, District 4, 042121 Bucharest

([EPSU Standing Committee HSS->art7368] in the morning of 18 October 2011, 8:30-10:30)

{{INVITATION - ORGANISATIONAL AND TECHNICAL ASPECTS}} - Letter of invitation - EPSU Circular N° 45 (2011)

- Participation form
- Practical details for financial assistance, travel and accommodation, interpretation, directions to the hotel and gender balance

- Area map of hotel

{{DOCUMENTS TO PREPARE THE CONFERENCE}} - Draft programme - revised version (as of 6 October 2011) {(Updated document in EN, FR, DE, CZ, ES, IT, ROM, RU and SV)}

- EPSU European Health Conference: Questions, recommendations and action points for discussion in working groups and plenary sessions
{N.B.: Document including cover note & bibliographical references}

{{PRESENTATIONS}} {Plenary Sessions} - Dr. Rita Baeten: The Europeanisation of National Health Care Systems: National impact and EU codification of the patient mobility case law. Effects on health systems, patients and the health workforce
[Presentation PPT Rita BAETEN, Obervatoire Social Européen (OSE)->art7761]
{Slide set of a presentation given at EPSU Working Group on Social Services on 15 September 2011, Brussels, similar to the presentation at the EPSU European Health Conference (document in EN, FR, DE, ES, RU and SV)}

- Dr Willy Palm: Health systems responses to the financial crisis in Europe - EN
- Prof. Annamaria Simonazzi: Affordability of care and quality of work. New trends in elderly care - EN
- Godfrey Perera - EN
{Working Group 1} - Pia Arndorff (S) - SV
- Guy Crijns (B) - FR
- Josie Irwin (GB) - EN
- Slava Zlatanova (BG) - FR
- Willibald Steinkellner (A) - DE
{Working Group 2} - Anton Szalay (SK) - EN


{N.B. 1: The report has been made available in EN and RU. The document contains the long version of the conference report for the plenary sessions and working group 2. The part on working group 1 is pending and will be added on 12 October 2012.} {N.B. 2: The EPSU recommendations and conclusions will be added together with a short summary of the conference report after the meeting of the SC HSS on 23 October 2012.} {N.B. 3: The whole report will then also still undergo a proof-reading for the English language.}

{The activities were organised and the research commissioned was done with the financial assistance of the European Commission}