EPSU-ETUI training seminar on liberalisation of public services in EU trade agreements

CETA training London, 2-4 March 2016

Training Trade Union activists for European Actions: "preventing the liberalisation of public services in CETA, TTIP and beyond”
 2 - 4 March 2016
UNISON offices, 130 Euston Road, Euston - London NW1 2AY - UK

an overview of discussions and issues raised in the training seminar


- Intro to EPSU work on trade - by Penny Clarke, EPSU

- Life-cycle of trade agreements - by Penny Clarke, EPSU

- Some lessons learnt from the „STOP GATS“ protests - by Oliver Prausmüller, AK Wien

- Liberalisation of public services in CETA, TTIP and beyond - by Thomas Fritz, PowerShift (Berlin)

- European Actions: the experience so far… - by Ruby Waterworth, EPSU

The training seminar is intended to support affiliates that are lobbying and campaigning on EU trade policy and to develop a coordinated EPSU action plan on CETA. Specifically the seminar will provide and opportunity to:
- Analyse how trade union actions are run at European level and how they can be effective - Share experiences of planning and running actions to counter the liberalisation of public services - Develop a strategic plan for a European-coordinated action plan on CETA using available tools, including social media. The working languages will be English and French with passive Italian and Spanish. Please see the invitation below for further practical details.

The address of the UNISON offices is 130 Euston Road, Euston - London NW1 2AY - UK


- Programme {(version 17 February)} (EN & FR)

- Participants list / Liste participants:

- Preparatory questionnaire for participants (EN & FR)

- background ‘reading list’ of key documents / liste de lecture