EPSU-ETUI Economic Policy Meeting (Two Days)

- report

20-21 February 2013, ITUH, Brussels

This meeting is jointly organised by the Education Department of the European Trade Union Institute and EPSU.

The aim of the two-day seminar is to help EPSU affiliates understand the various elements of the economic governance process at national and European levels and the role they can play in this.

The seminar will include some explanatory sessions to ensure that participants are fully briefed on the different parts of the European Semester – the Annual Growth Survey, the alert mechanism in the Excessive Imbalance Procedure, the Country-Specific Recommendations etc.

The meeting will explore in particular the implications for the public sector and public services as well as for collective bargaining and wage development in the public sector. Participants will have the chance to discuss what EPSU could and should be doing to monitor the process and the role of affiliates at national level. There will also be a session on alternative economic policies.


The draft programme will give you an overview of the course contents.


Economic governance: ETUI Working Paper by senior researcher Christophe Degryse providing an overview of how economic governance came about and what the new structures for surveillance, coordination and sanctions mean for the European project.

Notes of EPSU's economic policy meeting in October 2012 that discussed the annual growth survey, the implications of economic governance for wages and how to intervene and campaign during the European Semester with a contribution from the European Anti-Poverty Network.

The DGB German trade union confederation has drafted proposals for major European investment plan that talks about how the economically stronger regions can help boost growth in the weaker regions and how funds both a financial transaction tax and one-off wealth levy can provide funding to kick start growth.

Invitation and arrangements

The arrangements for this event are given below and in the invitation.

Working languages

Active: English, French, German, Italian and Spanish; Passive: Swedish, Danish and Dutch.


Course will be held at the: ITUH (International Trade Union House), Room B (1st floor), 5, bd du Roi Albert II, B – 1210 Bruxelles


Accommodation is being organised by the ETUI and will be at the NH Atlanta hotel (7 Boulevard Adolphe Max, B - 1000 Bruxelles)


Participants should ideally be trade union officials from EPSU affiliates who deal with economic and/or European issues.

Arrival and departure

Participants are expected to arrive on Tuesday 19 and to leave on Thursday 21 February 2013 (return flights from 18h00 on). Closest airport is Brussels National Airport (BRU).

Participation and enrolment

A maximum of 30 participants can be accepted who are covered by sponsorship. However, additional participation may be possible if affiliates want to cover the costs of travel, meals and accommodation.

We ask you to bear in mind the recommendations of the ETUC Action Plan for women which calls for the proportional representation of women in trade union activities.

Participants’ registration

Please fill in a copy of the form for each participant and return it to the ETUI Education Secretariat (Nathalie De Vits, [email protected]) no later than 18 January 2013.

Payment of registration

A direct monetary contribution (enrolment fees) to ETUI Education activity is required per organisation, per working day. For two working days seminar a fee of 120€ is applied to EU organisations and Iceland per participant.

Normally there would also be a charge of 30€ for participants from the following countries: Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Republic of Macedonia, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia and Turkey. However, this will be paid by EPSU.

An invoice will be sent to the organisation. We kindly ask you to pay this invoice before the start of the course.

Please note that in case of cancellation of participation 5 working days before the beginning of the course, no refund shall be granted (the total amount of respectively 120€ will be invoiced and EPSU will also pass on any €30 charge that it has paid on behalf of any participant).

It is essential that you mention in your payment order the number of the invoice and customer reference number.

Reimbursement of travel and accommodation costs

Costs for accommodation for 2 nights (19 and 20 February), meals according to the programme, materials will be covered by ETUI Education, only for participants coming from member states of the European Union, Croatia, Iceland, Montenegro, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), Serbia and Turkey.

Expenses must be settled in line with the EU guidelines, which means:

- The shortest route of travel is to be chosen using the most reasonable means of transport.

- Train tickets will be reimbursed on the basis of a 1st class return fare.

- Business class flights will not be reimbursed. Air travel is acceptable only for distances above 400 km, i.e. return flight above 800 km. Economy class fares will be used as the benchmark for analysing air travel costs.

- Travel by car will be reimbursed on the basis of a 1st class return fare.

Please note that taxi costs or other expenses such as parking fees, telephone, minibar, extra nights, extra lunches, extra dinners, supplement double room and the eventual supplement half/full board are not taken in charge by ETUI.

Additional information

Should you need any additional information please do not hesitate to contact the ETUI Education Secretariat, Nathalie De Vits, tel: +32 2 224 05 22, e-mail: [email protected]