EPSU contribution to EU public consultation Circular Economy: Absurdistan

(11 August 2015) The European Commission withdrew the Circular Economy Package as part of its better regulation agenda earlier this year.
EPSU, ETUC and many other organisations have protested against this step. Also the majority of the European Parliament criticised the European Commission. Organisations have called on the Commission to quickly come with new and ambitious proposals.
The European Parliament has adopted a resolution in July 2015 that sees the proposals for the circular economy as part of Systemic change and indeed, the proposals can be change away of exploitation of workers and of nature and nature's resources towards a sustainable economy.

In response to the critique the European Commission launched a public consultation and a detailed roadmap

EPSU has responded to the consultation (see our contribution below). The Commission entered Absurdistan with this consultation. One of its main arguments to defend the package is that it creates jobs. This seems indeed likely based on research.
But in the consultation the Commission acts as if these jobs are not delivered by workers. No questions are asked about how to promote quality jobs and ensure health and safety improvements. For workers it is very clear that Green Jobs need to be and can be Safe Jobs. So the Commission is acting absurd.

EPSU wants that the new package includes the promotion of health and safety, quality jobs and social dialogue. Waste workers often experience bad working conditions, and we do not need more low pay, low quality jobs.

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