EPSU Congress 2014 – Follow-up

The 9th EPSU Congress was a success!
On behalf of Annelie and myself: Thank you for a great Congress and for your support. We look very much forward to working with you and your colleagues to implement our Congress decisions, ensuring that EPSU continues to be the strong Federation that promotes the interests of public service workers in Europe.

The results of the elections for the European Parliament which show a rise of the extreme right in Europe are of grave concern to us. EPSU says no to racism, xenophobia and other forms of discrimination. We will evaluate the results of the elections in the next meeting of the Executive Committee. Part of the answer will be that the European Council, Commission and Parliament are to change the austerity policies, have to address unemployment and contribute to creating jobs to make sure the European Union shows it is positive for the people.

A large collection of pictures taken at Congress is available at: https://www.flickr.com/photos/94657608@N02/sets/
You can also see the videos and individual interviews at: https://www.youtube.com/user/EPSUFSESP/videos

Congress adopted a number of emergency resolutions and statements (available at www.epsu.org/r/630) :
- On the situation in the Ukraine which has been sent to the authorities concerned (Ukraine, Russia, OSCE, UN, EU, USA). The response of the EU High Representative has been forwarded to the Ukrainian unions.
- On the proposals of the Spanish conservative government to reform the abortion law. EPSU has approached the Prime Minister and Minister of Justice to withdraw the draft bill.
- A message of sympathy and solidarity for the trade unions and people hit by the recent flooding in the Balkan countries. An appeal was made at Congress to support the unions and people of the countries effected Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia (see also: www.epsu.org/a/10507).

Congress also thanked Carola Fischbach-Pyttel and Anne-Marie Perret for their work as General Secretary and President respectively. It elected the new leadership team:

President: Annelie Nordström

General Secretary: Jan Willem Goudriaan

as well as two Member Auditors: Martine Ugolini, CGSP-Admi, Belgium; Catherine Blanc, CFDT-Interco, France.

The Executive Committee which took place directly following Congress elected the four vice-presidents.
-* Dave Prentis, Unison, UK;
-* Isolde Kunkel-Weber, Ver.di, Germany;
-* Mikhail Kuzmenko, Health Workers Trade Union, Russia; and
-* Francoise Geng, CGT-Sante-Action Sociale, France.

The Executive Committee confirmed that Dave Prentis will be the senior-vice-president.

The Executive Committee appointed Penny Clarke as Deputy General Secretary.

Congress adopted the resolutions providing guidance for EPSU’s work and positions for the next 5 years as well as some amendments to the Constitution. The secretariat is working to make these documents available to you as soon as possible at www.epsu.org/r/630. The Standing Committees, Women and Gender Equality Committee and the Executive Committee will discuss the work plan and resources to implement the Congress decisions.

I look forward to speaking to many of you in the coming months and to working together to change Europe's course.

In Solidarity,

Jan Willem Goudriaan,
EPSU General Secretary

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