EPSU Conference on Utilities in the European context: Change, Modernization and Adaptation: Lisbon agenda 2020 and workers

22-23 September 2010, Brussels - Read our press release

Final report 

- Impact of 2020 strategy on energy, water and waste sectors in eastern neigbourhood and enlargement countries, PSIRU report for EPSU, June 2011


- Transition in the European Electricity Sector, Jean-François POUPARD, SYNDEX

- The Future of the -Electricity Industry in Europe, {{John SCOWCROFT}} Head of Environment & Sustainable Development Policy Unit - EURELECTRIC

- Corporate policies of the major European energy companies, {{Steve Thomas}}, PSIRU , Business School - University of Greenwich

- Water and our Global Campaigns - {{David Boys}}, PSI Utilities Officer, Member of the United Nations Secretary-General’s Advisory Board on Water & Sanitation (UNSGAB)

- Addressing climate change: implications for public utilities’ investment and employment, {{Sophie Dupressoir}}

- Climate change and environmental challenges, European Environmental Bureau, {{John Hontelez}}, General Secretary

- The challenge of the municipal waste sector in Europe, {{Gunnel Klingberg}}, Municipal Waste Europe, secretary general

- Public investment in infrastructure-- water, waste, energy, {{Dave Hall}}, PSIRU, University of Greenwich


 List of participants