EPSU condemns attacks trade union rights – demands respect for trade union rights

Using the right to strike has been the way for workers to promote workers’ interests. Workers and our unions gained many rights and benefits we take for granted today. Holidays, and holiday pay. Sickness benefits. Unemployment insurance and minimum wages. Equal pay for women and men. Health and safety legislation and labour inspectorates. There are few rights that workers got without a struggle. The right to strike was crucial. Many people and politicians have forgotten this. That is why EPSU is supporting the ETUC campaign to highlight the role of the right to strike and trade union rights. ETUC is asking MEPs to pledge their support for these crucial rights.

The right to strike and other trade union rights are important to defend against attacks. Many employers in public and private sectors will roll back hard fought advances if given a chance. And to make that easier employers and governments are actively seeking to undermine trade union rights in Europe. The EPSU Executive Committee says no to such attacks. We confirm that we stand with those unions defending our rights. We also ask the European Commission to advance the adherence of the EU to the European Court of Human Rights.

The Resolution was proposed by the Mediterranean constituency. There are a number of noteworthy cases such as the militarization of the forest services in Italy. Workers will lose the right to strike.  Trade union activists that participated in strike action are threatened with court cases based on the fascist dictator Franco laws in Spain. In Greece bargaining rights have been undermined by creditor countries.   It was adopted by the EPSU Executive Committee 20 April 2016, Brussels.

EPSU Executive Committee (19-20 April 2016)  Resolution on the Right to Strike (EN - FR - DE - ES - SV - RU - IT) :