EPSU commemorates the plight of public sector workers, particularly in the health and care sector

Public Service day 23 June 2022 action European Parliament

Media advisory about health and care workers event outside European Parliament

(20 June 2022) Thursday, 23 June is Public Service Day. The UN declared this day to celebrate the work public services workers do. They pursue the public interest, common good and contribute to our communities and society. They do not seek profit from this. The European Public Service Union, the voice of Europe’s public service workers and member of ETUC, wants to celebrate this day with a event to pay a tribute to the health and care workers that two years ago were applauded but that today seem totally forgotten by the public opinion.
The action will be held within walking distance of the European Parliament from 10:00 – 12:30 on Thursday, 23 June (on the grass of the Luxembourg square).
EPSU is going to be outside the Parliament around the mini plenary to allow MEPs to hear the message of public sector workers and to show support to their plight. 

Public service workers come from all walks of life and worked tirelessly during the pandemic.

They range from:

  • The waste workers who continued to collect our rubbish to the care workers who took care of the elderly, disabled and others in permanent residences.
  • The hospital staff who worked throughout the pandemic at great risk to their health to the workers in public administrations and social security institutions that ensured that newly unemployed workers and small and medium sized businesses suffering from lockdowns received their benefits to keep them afloat.
  • Those that worked in childcare and schools and had to adapt to new methods of learning to prison staff, firefighters and those organising public transport.

Throughout the pandemic we applauded their work. That work continues - 24/7, 365 days.
Workers delivering public services and utilities like drinking water never stop.

The pandemic showed the world just what it means to be a public service worker. We saw it when receiving refugees from Ukraine and in its most bare form now in the war in Ukraine.

The rescue workers and firefighters, the teachers, the workers ensuring drinking water and electricity lines, the health and care workers - they all deserve our appreciation. They are key to help people achieve their human rights and to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

EPSU, the European Public Service Union, the most representative organisation for health and care in Europe is mobilising its affiliates in Belgium and the Netherlands for this symbolic action. A 3 meters tall statue that symbolises the plight of those workers will be standing outside the European Parliament on the morning of June 23rd (see the image below)
For media information contact Pablo Sanchez ([email protected]) 00 32 (0) 474626633