EPSU Central Europe and Western Balkan Constituency Meeting 2020 - cancelled

31 March-1 April 2020, Ohrid, North Macedonia

We invite your union to send one participant to the Constituency Meeting which will be held at the Metropol Lake Resort, Naselba Dolno Konjsko bb, 6000 Ohrid, Macedonia (Phone: +(389)46277660 +(389)46203001, e-mail: info@metropol-ohrid.com.mk,
website: http://www.metropol-ohrid.com.mk/Default.aspx).
The Constituency Meeting will start on 31 March 2020 at 09:00 am and will finish on 1 April 2020 at lunch time.

Hotel accommodation and sponsorship
Each union will be entitled to one sponsorship, under the condition that the participant´s union has fulfilled its financial obligations towards EPSU and PSI up to 2020.
EPSU will make your hotel reservation and cover the cost for a maximum of 2 nights (from 30 March to 1 April 2020) in the Metropol Lake Resort: Naselba Dolno Konjsko bb, 6000 Ohrid.
After the deadline for registration EPSU cannot guarantee rooms availability.
EPSU will pay for hotel accommodation, meals and travel costs of sponsored participants. Any other cost (personal expenses such as telephone, mini-bar, etc.…) will have to be borne by the participants themselves.

Please note that no per diem will be paid.

Gender equality Each country will be expected to send an equal number of women and men in order to respect the EPSU constitutional provisions concerning gender equality. In case of problems, please contact the EPSU Secretariat to consider the solutions.

The agenda will be sent soon.

In preparation for the Constituency Meeting we recommend to the affiliates to hold country meetings in order to:
-   Present an overview of Trade Union density in key sectors like utilities, health, social services, public administration and municipal services;
-   Discuss trends in union membership;
-   Agree written country reports that must be focused on the most pressing issues of labour relations, the state of social dialogue, collective bargaining process, wages in the public service sector, and actions taken by affiliates after the last Constituency Meeting. The reports should be sent to the EPSU Secretariat (akrijger@epsu.org) by 23 March 2020;
-    Designate one speaker who will make a country presentation of up to 10 minutes;
-    Discuss gender equality of the national delegation;
-    To decide on travel arrangements (joint travel by cars, if possible).

Interpretation will be provided from/into Macedonian-Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian/Montenegrin, English, Czech/Slovak and Hungarian.

Travel arrangements
We recommend to participants from neighbouring countries to travel by cars using all seats, if possible. Participants from countries far-away can use air transport (please note that for those of you who travel via Vienna there is only one flight Vienna-Ohrid on 30 March at 13:50 and only one flight Ohrid-Vienna on 1 April at 16:05).
Please inform Nadine Janssen, njanssen@epsu.org, from the EPSU Secretariat in Brussels about the price of your air ticket or about the distance from your home to Ohrid on the Participation Form.
We expect participants to arrive on 30 March in the afternoon (joint dinner) and to depart on 1 April in the afternoon.

We expect participants receiving financial assistance to make their own travel arrangements.

According to the rules governing financial assistance travel expenses will be reimbursed by bank transfer only after the event.

Please note that EPSU does not take out accident insurances for participants who attend EPSU meetings. You should therefore ensure that your own insurance covers you adequately.

Please complete the attached participation form and return it to the EPSU Secretariat in Brussels by e-mail (akrijger@epsu.org and njanssen@epsu.org) by 2 March 2020 at the latest.


  Invitation letter (EN) & Participation form (EN)

Draft Agenda EN

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