EPSU / CEMR agree joint statement on active inclusion

(Brussels, 3 March 2008) The statement, which is in response to the consultation by the European Commission on this subject, has been prepared on the basis of the discussion held by the members of the sectoral social dialogue committee for regional and local government in December 2007.

In the statement EPSU / CEMR:

- underline that social inclusion is an important issue for the EU, Member States, and social partners (in all sectors) given that 16% of the EU population is at risk from financial poverty, including 8% of employed workers

- query the distinction made by the Commission between services of general interest (SGI) and social services of general interest (SSGI). All public services, e.g. also education, public transport, childcare provision are important to ensure social cohesion and inclusion.

- Stress the link between the quality of employment in local and regional government and the quality of the services provided, and point out that effective and modern public services should be sufficiently financed.

- emphasis the need to involve all stakeholders in proposed Network of local Observatories in a participative and transparent way.

- Point out that social procurement can be an important tool to influence private providers of public services, ensure a level-playing field in employment conditions in the local and regional government sector, and indeed to stimulate quality employment across all sectors.

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