EPSU calls for the rejection of the Japan Trade Agreement!

JEFTA EU-JAPAN Trade flags

(29 November 2018) EPSU the European Federation of Public Service Unions has sent a letter to members of the European Parliament to express their regret on the likelihood of the European Parliament’s support on the vote which will take place in December regarding the Japan for an Economic Partnership (EUJEP). 

Negotiations started in March 2013 and EPSU demanded that any agreement with japan protects workers rights, excludes public services and preserves policy space. We call for the rejection of this agreement, that fails to advance in social progress and ecological responsibility, and raises questions on the protection of personal data.

The EUJEP agreement will not help the EU  shift globalisation in the right direction.

Today we will be publishing an informative document on the EU Japan agreement and the dangers it poses to Public Services. This document supports our claims on why the European Parliament should vote against EUJEP.