EPSU and unions sign social dialogue agreement with European System of Central Banks/ ECB

2019-04-03 Signing of the amendments to the ESCB Social Dialogue agreement

(4 April 2019) An old agreement between the ECB (acting for the European System of Central Banks) and the unions was updated, 3 April. It follows many years of social dialogue between representatives of the trade unions in the National central banks and the unions in the ECB and management of the ECB. The agreement sets out the information and consultation rights for the unions and workers’ representatives. These rights concern decisions that are taken by the ESCB and which have an implication on employment and working conditions in the national central banks and the ECB. On the union side there are the representatives of the 27 Member States and a representative for EPSU, for UNI-E and for the Standing Committee of European Central Banks. Jan Willem thanked Wolfgang Hermann, for many years the IPSO and EPSU representative. He will be followed up by Emmanuel LaRue, of IPSO. IPSO is the union organizing workers in the ECB. IPSO is a member of EPSU affiliate USF. The employers’ side is led by the ECB management team. The agreement was signed by Mario Draghi, President of the ECB, EPSU General Secretary and UNI-Europa, amongst others, in the headquarters of the ECB, Frankfurt.

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