EPSU and the Social Employers joint statement on the situation in Ukraine

Solidarity action Ukraine

(27 April 2022) EPSU and the Social Employers condemn Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine and deplore the atrocities that have been committed against Ukrainian civilians.

The latest revelations come after two months of the Russian war and occupation in Ukraine. During that time, the United Nations estimates that around 10 million Ukrainians have been displaced, including 4.5 million who have fled to neighbouring countries.

In EU countries that border with Ukraine, social services are working tirelessly to receive and care for refugees – with many children, older persons and persons with disabilities amongst them.

The Social Employers’ and EPSU members in neighbouring countries are continuously providing accommodation and transportation, food and other essential goods, as well as assisting with day care, therapies and rehabilitation services. They report that funds and supplies are urgently needed.

We stand with our members and affiliates organising care in these countries and support their calls for more funding and resources from the EU so that they can continue to accommodate new arrivals and provide a lifeline for the most vulnerable.

EPSU also has affiliated unions in Ukraine which represent thousands of members. Many Ukrainian union colleagues and social workers are fleeing or fighting, and much of the infrastructure for social work has been destroyed in Ukraine as a result of the Russian invasion. We stand in solidarity and send our support to those who continue to provide vital social services in Ukraine.

EPSU and the Social Employers stand for peace. Our thoughts are with the Ukrainian people.